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President's Message: Thanks go to Judge Jackson, And Prosecutors Onken and Crockard

Many will recall June 29, 2008 when Officer Gary Gryder was killed and Officer F. J. Pyland was seriously injured on the Katy Freeway. 

Hung Truong stated that voices told him to drive through a barricade and kill the officers working traffic that day.  Truong was declared not guilty by reason of insanity and placed in a mental hospital. 

 By law, each year the court where his verdict was declared – the 339th District Court – evaluates the case. In May 2013, the state doctor and a second doctor evaluated Truong and determined that he should no longer be held in a mental facility. 

 Harris County DAs Denise Onken and Bradford Crockard fought against the release, but warned Gary’s wife and kids and the Pylands that the judge would probably have no choice but to allow him out based on the doctors’ recommendations.