2nd Annual Guns 'N Hoses Sunday, April 26

HPD and HFD will square off Sunday, April 27 at BBVA Compass Stadium in the 2nd annual Guns 'N Hoses.  |  Read more.

2014 Stars and Stripes Golf Tournament

Time for the Stars and Stripes Charity Golf Tournament on May 5.  |  Read more.

National First Responders Day?

Brother of MIT Officer seeks National First Responders Day.  |  Read more.

Guns 'N Hoses 2014
Annual Golf Tourney
First Responders Day?


President's Message: Manpower, Manpower, Manpower!

In last month’s article regarding manpower, two issues got the attention of veteran officers at HPD.  I was first asked where I had gotten the number that we are at least 1,500 officers understaffed. 

That number came from a September 2009 editorial written by then-Police Chief Harold Hurtt. 

My personal estimation is much higher simply based on comparable cities, calls-for-service load and the number of cases with leads that our investigators are unable to work. 

 That same article in 2009 showed that Washington, DC, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City have an average of 4.6 officers-per-1,000 population.  Former Chief Hurtt went on to explain that for Houston to reach a staffing level of 4.6 officers-per-1,000, we would need 5,000 more officers than we had in 2009. 

 We have had no measurable net gain in the last 10 years.