Badge & Gun: January 2015

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President's Message

President's Message: Officer safety paramount in 2015

Last month’s assassination of two of New York’s finest was a tragedy for the entire country.  It also should serve as a reminder to all of us that we can never let our guards down, especially in the current climate.

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HPOU has many listeners in high (Austin) places as the Legislature begins

THE HOUSTON POLICE OFFICERS UNION appears to be in great shape, thank you, as the state capitol prepares to open the doors to the 2015 session of the Texas Legislature.

This year’s HPOU Scholarship topic poses changing vocational education

This year’s HPOU Scholarship topic is very thought-provoking as always. As usual, the scholarship applicants must express their opinions in a special essay entry that is required to meet a deadline set for 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 27.

Opinion: Media and public lack understanding of the grand jury process And should better understand the process before trying to fix it

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The editor of the Badge & Gun had 25 years of experience with The Houston Post. He has served on three grand juries, including one as foreman. His opinions are expressed in this context and do not reflect those of the HPOU.)

The Chronicle and a few others are trying to indict Texas’ grand jury system without probable cause.

Jesus Aguirre named Investigator of Month

In its December general membership meeting, the HPOU named Jesus Aguirre the Investigator of the Month.

Latest HPOU Patrol Officer of the Month known for calm, orderly pursuit of suspects

The HPOU honored Officer James Huckabee of Northeast Patrol as Patrol Officer of the Month in its December general membership meeting.

Our ladies in blue – they first wore skirts with their badges and guns

While reminiscing about my academy days in the Houston Police Department, I noticed Sandy Byers (Womack) and Susan Loucks (Richards) were wearing skirts in Class No. 34’s picture.  I then remembered that for many years skirts and heels were the required uniform for female police officers. 


Eastside Christmas event a big success

On Saturday, December 20, 2014, Officer Peter Dung, Eastside Division, organized the third annual Christmas Event for the Vietnamese children living in the Park Place neighborhood. Tim Dang, Public Affairs, and Sergeant DeMartin, Eastside Division, assisted Officer Dung coordinate the event.

Wheelchair Rugby a SMASH hit for second year in row

For the second year in a row HPOU board members participated in the Wheelchair Rugby SMASH tournament hosted by the Adaptive Athletics program at the University of Houston Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.

Fallen Heroes: Solo Officer Winston Rawlins

March 29, 1982

Winston James Rawlins was born August 1, 1958. After he attended elementary school in Shepherd, Texas, his family moved to Houston where he graduated from Saint Thomas High School in 1976. Winston attended the University of Saint Thomas for two years and followed that with one year at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. In 1980, he joined the Houston Police Department, graduating from HPD Cadet Class No. 89. He completed his probationary period in November 1980 in Radio Patrol and went shortly thereafter to the solo motorcycle detail of the Accident Division. He wore HPD Badge No. 1787.

Psych Services: Here’s a primer on law enforcement suicide prevention

For police officers, suicide attempts leave no visible injuries. It’s the time when you sat up all night staring at your gun. Or you scared your wife by holding it to your head. Maybe you went up to the roof, looked around, and headed back down, or disregarded the danger on a risky call.

January 2015 Obituaries

Here are the latest obituaries of HPD family members.

Thank You Notes to HPOU

Here are the latest Thank You notes to HPOU.


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