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President's Message

President's Message: Thanks go to Judge Jackson, And Prosecutors Onken and Crockard

Many will recall June 29, 2008 when Officer Gary Gryder was killed and Officer F. J. Pyland was seriously injured on the Katy Freeway. 

Hung Truong stated that voices told him to drive through a barricade and kill the officers working traffic that day.  Truong was declared not guilty by reason of insanity and placed in a mental hospital. 

 By law, each year the court where his verdict was declared – the 339th District Court – evaluates the case. In May 2013, the state doctor and a second doctor evaluated Truong and determined that he should no longer be held in a mental facility. 

 Harris County DAs Denise Onken and Bradford Crockard fought against the release, but warned Gary’s wife and kids and the Pylands that the judge would probably have no choice but to allow him out based on the doctors’ recommendations. 

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Editorial: Like HPOU on Facebook and follow the Union on Twitter -- @hpoutx

SOCIAL MEDIA KEEPS FINDING ITS WAY INTO THE methodology used to solve crimes. A picture of a suspect on Facebook more often than not results in enough recognition and identification to bring charges against various crooks and wrongdoers.

Our mutually-agreed-to contract keeps HPD’s pensions in place through 2023

In recent years you have been bombarded with media commentary about the unsustainability of public pension systems throughout the United States – and yes, even in Houston. The local media stories present a skewed view of the reality involving the Houston Police Officers’ Pension System.

Peer support team now operational

Houston Officers Peer Assistance (HOPA) team is ready to assist you. 

HPD Homicide: Capt. Ready cites clearance rate to put lieutenants and investigators second to none anywhere in U. S.

You might say HPD’s Homicide Division is hot after cold cases and has records to show that investigators are hotter than ever before.

Police Week calls attention to police heroes As well as the Houstonians who support them

National Police Week in Houston once again proved to be a series of special events designed to honor the past and present heroes of the Houston Police Department.

Avenue of Heroes will be on Memorial, not Main Street

Last month we ran a story about the street signs that will be placed honoring our fallen officers. 

Del Real, Bruce named Patrol Officers of the Month

The Houston Police Officers Union named Armando Del Real and Christopher Bruce the Patrol Officers of the Month in the May general membership meeting.

HPD Police Week Award Recipients

Here are the citations for HPD personnel honored during Police Week. These citations were authored by event coordinator Shelly Molina and the HPD Public Affairs staff.

Police Week Honorees II

More citations for HPD's Police Week honorees.

Police Week Honorees III

Still more citations of HPD Police Week honorees.

Police Week Honorees IV

More citiations of HPD Police Week honorees.

Police Week Honorees: Lifetime Achievement Honors

Here are the citations for HPD Lifetime Achievement honorees during the 2014 Police Week.

NASA honors fallen MIT officer, ‘family member’

NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston honored the memory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Police Officer Sean Collier in Mission Control on April 25.

Paul J. Giddens: Volunteer chaplain dedicated life to serving God And enhancing the spiritual lives of HPD family

Paul J. Giddens displayed his ever-ready and steadfast spiritual support from early morning until late at night in his service as HPOU’s volunteer chaplain since the early fall of 2012.

Paul Giddens Profile: Assistant Chaplain Giddens’ Near Death Experience led him to help HPD Officers

Editor's Note: This story originally appeared in the Badge & Gun in 2012 just as Paul Giddens was beginning his stint as HPOU chaplain.

The story of Paul Giddens could take us down many paths. The major one, we learn, was his near death experience at Methodist Hospital almost seven years ago.

Fallen Heroes: Officer Dennis Holmes

January 10, 2011

Dennis Edward Holmes was born on May 1, 1955, in Washington, D.C.  He grew up in Dansville, New York, graduating from high school there in 1974. He earned a Criminal Justice degree from the Community College of the Finger Lakes in Canandaiqua, New York, in 1976. Holmes began his police career with the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Batavia, New York. It continued with a tour of duty with the City of Dansville, New York. From there, he served as an officer with the State University of New York in Genesco, New York. He then worked for the U. S. government in Hot Springs, South Dakota. 

Legal Staff's latest Legal Victories

Here are the latest accounts of the legal victories compiled by the HPOU Legal Counsel.

Psych Services: Quoting an officer to her son before he gets married

Editor’s Note: Dr. Garmezy has counseled many Houston officers over many years. In this column – an open letter to her son, who just got engaged – she shares much marital wisdom, including some from one officer/client.


Dear Son,

With your wedding following four months after my 30th anniversary, I felt compelled to sum up what I’ve learned in 30 years of marriage and 30 years of doing therapy. Six words are enough:        

It gets harder.           

It’s worth it.

June 2014 Obituaries

Here are the latest obituaries of HPD family members.

June 2014 Thank You Notes

Here are the latest Thank You notes to HPOU.


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