Badge & Gun: December 2014

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President's Message

HPOU does not Negotiate Pension benefits

An anonymous website recently sent me questions to answer regarding a number of issues including DROP for younger officers.  The website listed half truths and some outright lies. 

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Chaplain Giddens leaves gun collection To HPOU for ATO fundraising auctions

Chaplain Paul Giddens, who was always there for HPD officers and their family members at all hours of the day or night, was a gun collector who left a collection of handguns to benefit the Assist The Officer Foundation.

Another Blue Santa Distribution Reminder

HPD’s Blue Santa program will be distributing toys Dec. 8-20 from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Richardson honored as Investigator of the Month

HPOU honored Officer Terry Richardson as the Union’s Investigator of the Month at the November general membership meeting. Richardson serves as an Investigation First Responder (IFR) at Clear Lake Station.

Officers give honorary officer Kyssie standing ovation, super encouragement in law enforcement endeavors

Law enforcement officers – particularly those with HPD on their sleeves – have a very special way of helping people in special ways. It’s simply part of the “helps” characteristic they signed on to use.

Essay: Where is the Outrage?

Where are the protests? Why are there no picket signs? No riots? No national TV cameras? No front page headlines?

Bratton and Conley were partners for three decades, establishing HPD’s best safety training programs

By the end of the 173rd year of the Houston Police Department 112 men and women in blue had made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the safety of Houstonians.

Southwest’s Thanksgiving event featured star athletes who provided ‘feast’ to less fortunate

Southwest Division carried on its Thanksgiving tradition of serving 500 free meals for less fortunate citizens in its service area as well as numerous community supporters and sponsors.

Andrea Schmauss, one great volunteer for Houston police officers, has taken leads to build morale and support needed programs in a MADD way with her g

It could be a safe bet that if HPD officers had a fan club, Andrea Schmauss would be the president.

 Let’s see her ID.

Drunk driver affected Andrea’s life in volunterism

The story of how Andrea Schmauss was a natural to become involved as an exceptional volunteer in Mothers Against Drunk Drivers actually began in 1971 when she was a graduating high school senior in love with a member of the 82nd Airborne.

Fallen Heroes: Officer Troy Blando

May 19, 1999

Troy Alan Blando was born in Bussac, France, on July 31, 1959, to Mr. and Mrs. Alvin (Della) Blando. Being the son of a career United States military man, Troy traveled extensively in his early years. He attended elementary and junior high school in San Antonio and graduated from Roosevelt High School in the Alamo City in 1977. For several years after high school, he attended Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos. 

Psych Services: Let’s examine the differences between cocky overconfidence and unhappiness/ inadequacy

A recent high school reunion left me thinking about the roots of confidence. Back then, so many of us were insecure about, well, everything. 

December 2014 Obituaries

Here are obituaries of HPD family members.

Thank You Notes to HPOU

Here are the latest Thank You Notes sent to HPOU.


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