Badge & Gun: May 2015

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President's Message

President's Message: Irresponsible Pension Bill Writers and a Responsible Police Chief

As the NBA playoffs continue to see who will be the next basketball champion, the only full court press you should be concerned about is the one by those trying to take away your earned pension. 

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Editorial: Recognition for a long-time job well done

OVER THE YEARS THERE HAVE BEEN FEW IF ANY programs quite like the April 22 event at a downtown Hyatt Regency steakhouse honoring all HPD officers 70 years of age with at least 30 years on the force.

Fertitta details Foundation’s ‘love story” with HPD

As busy as he was on a recent afternoon, Tilman Fertitta took time out to tell the Badge & Gun how excited he is about this year’s police awards luncheon set for Monday, May 11 in the Imperial Ballroom at the Downtown Hyatt Regency.

HPD’s six septuagenarians receive special recognition at an April luncheon event in

As tall as the commissioned Houston police officials who are more than 70 years stood at a luncheon on April 22, these six gentlemen were dwarfed by the law enforcement officer who served as a keynote speaker.

HPD’s oldest and wisest offer their candid time-tested advice

The April 22 luncheon honoring the six HPD officers who are at least 70 years of age with at least 30 years of Houston policing experience called special attention to the importance of mentoring and setting examples for younger officers.               


Houstonian Gladney Darroh dedicates a performance Of his family-oriented play to Houston police officers

Gladney Darroh’s positive can-do spirit shines brightly when he expresses his feelings about today’s American family, whether it’s his own – he raised a son and daughter as a single parent – or one as diverse as HPD’s.

Chaplain Montgomery excited about new second floor Prayer and Meditation Room location at 1200 Travis

One day at 1200 Travis HPD Chaplain Montgomery grew concerned about the location of the Department’s Prayer and Meditation Room.


HPOU renews support for Undies for Everyone

Recognizing the success for a unique non-profit organization dedicated to supplying new underwear to underprivileged school children, the HPOU issued another $2,000 check to Undies for Everyone.


HOPA going strong after nearly one year

Houston Officers Peer Assistance (HOPA) is providing a much-needed service as it approaches its one-year anniversary of police officer/counselors providing a free counseling service to help officers with the job-related stresses in today’s policing world.

A Tribute: Sgt. Jesse Foroi – an old Northside boy

I first met Sgt. Jesse Foroi in 1970 when I was a 21-year-old cadet in the Police Academy.

HPOU honors Guerra and Combs As Patrol Officers of the Month

The Houston Police Officers Union honored Officers J. Y. Guerra and M. Combs as Patrol Officers of the Month at the April general membership meeting.

2015 sees a record number of HPOU Scholarship recipients!

The HPOU awarded a record number of college scholarships to the sons and daughters of Union members who will be experiencing their first semester of college this fall.

Fallen Heroes: Officer Richard Calhoun

October 10, 1975

Richard Howard Calhoun was born on Aug. 4, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York. His father being a career U. S. Navy man, Richard and his siblings traveled extensively in his   early years.

May 2015 Obituaries

Here are the latest obituaries of HPD family members.

Thank You Notes to HPOU

Here are the latest Thank You Notes to the Houston Police Officers Union.


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