Badge & Gun: February 2015

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President's Message

President's Message: Our contract, Austin issues and Local elections

As of the writing of this column, Jan. 31, our contract is nearing completion.  I anticipate it being complete and posted online soon after the Feb. 5 general membership meeting.


Hard copies will be available at the HPOU.  Explanation sessions will be held at the Union around the clock for several days.  Voting also will be held around the clock for the same period. 

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Editorial: Union participating in Fagan’s plan To attend worship in black churches

IF NOT CAREFUL, CITIZENS WILL LOOK AT THE HOUSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT and quickly judge its operation by using a scary formula developed by the national news media covering a story in Ferguson, Missouri.

Sergeant, two officers share Investigator of Month honor

Sgt. Warren Meeler of the Homicide Division successfully nominated three officers for HPOU’s Investigator of the Month honor in HPOU’s January general membership meeting.

Eric Fagan has long record (29 years) as an HPD officer who puts God first

Officer Eric Fagan has his priorities straight. Ask him and he will tell you that he puts God first in his life, followed by his family and his career with HPD. He also will point out that God goes very well in the mix.

Sgt. Klevens, aka B. K. Klev, has a special detailed definition of ‘the thin blue line’ and sees that line ‘drawn’ at a unique extra job

As every police officer knows, the “thin blue line” is a term that suggests that they stand between an ordered society and potential chaos.

Essay: Officers must remember they get only one mistake

As a law enforcement officer, you only get one mistake.

 No other occupation on the planet gets only one.

HPD Honor Guard learns from Arlington’s ‘Old Guard’

HPD’s Honor Guard recently traveled to Fort Myer, Virginia and trained with the US Army’s 3rd Infantry – known as “the Old Guard” – at Arlington National Cemetery.  

Fallen Heroes: Officer David Duncan Murdock

June 27, 1921

David Duncan Murdock was born in Bryan, Texas on August 31, 1884. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. J. H. (Ella) Murdock. He came to the Houston Police Department on October 15, 1920, from Bryan, where he had been employed as a deputy sheriff and constable. 

The best information about David Murdock’s fate comes from articles from the Houston Press and the Houston Chronicle in 1921.  

This year’s HPOU Scholarship topic poses changing vocational education

This year’s HPOU Scholarship topic is very thought-provoking as always. As usual, the scholarship applicants must express their opinions in a special essay entry that is required to meet a deadline set for 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 27.

Operation Lone Star ends, begins the year with smiles

Operation Lone Star-Texans Supporting Our Troops ended the old year and began the new one with visits to military personnel at San Antonio Military Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston and the Audie Murphy Veterans Memorial Hospital.

Psych Services: While policing stress grows, so do pro-police activities

“This could be our finest hour.” That real quote was used in the film “Apollo 13,” the story of a potential disaster that highlighted NASA’s strengths.

Union adds ‘Proud Supporter of Houston Police’ T-shirt to the HPOU collection available to public

HPOU – as one might expect – is doing all it can to counteract all the recent negative police publicity by offering pro-police t-shirts to friends and supporters at cost.

February 2015 Obituaries

Here are the latest obituaries of HPD family members.

February 2015 Thank You Notes

Here are the latest Thank You Notes to HPOU.


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