Badge & Gun: October 2014

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President's Message

President's Message: Badge & Gun goes Public; City changes Health Assessment Plan

The City of Houston Human Resources Division heard the loud voices of many of you at our September meeting and made changes as a result. 

Effective Sept. 22, HR and Cigna discontinued the use of Zensey for the health assessment and have reverted back to last year’s procedure.  Employees may access the health assessment on 

To qualify for the discount on your 2015 health plan contribution, you must complete the online health assessment by Nov. 14. You will still need to earn 500 or more wellness points as in the past, but you are not even eligible to qualify if the health assessment is not complete by Nov. 14.

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Editorial: The HPOU PAC Endorsements

Here is a complete list of the HPOU PAC endorsements for the November General Election.

2-Year Mark: Gamaldi: Success stories of Yellow Cab Ride Home continue at impressive rate

HPOU 2nd Vice President Joe Gamaldi said the number of officers signed up for the Union’s Courtesy Ride Program has doubled over the last year. 

HPOU getting more ‘likes’ on Facebook And growing number of Twitter followers

HPOU is learning that Facebook and Twitter is “a good way to interact not only with our membership but also with the community.”

Officer Jones is HPOU’s Investigator of Month

HPOU honored Officer Adrian Jones as Investigator of the Month at the September general membership meeting.

Officer Bland honored for his freeway heroics

Senior Police Officer Jacques Bland was recognized as the Patrol Officer of the Month for July for his courageous handling of a mentally disturbed woman who was walking erratically in traffic on the North Loop.

Tewes named August Patrol Officer of the Month

HPOU presented Patrol Officer Eric Tewes with the August Patrol Officer of the Month honor at the September general membership meeting.

The 2014 911 Heroes Run – Another Success Story!

Houston was once again honored to host the 4th Annual 911 Heroes Run, which honors the victims of 911 and the wars since. 

B&G Guest Column: City HR addresses privacy issue, reverts to previous health assessment

Editor’s Note: The City’s online health assessment campaign has drawn the ire and concern of HPD officers because of the perceived threat to their privacy. The Badge & Gun offered the City’s Human Resources officials the opportunity to address this issue and other frequently asked questions about health assessment. Herewith the response by Elise Rambaud Marrion, senior communications specialist for HR.  

 In today’s digital landscape, Internet users have a responsibility to safeguard their personal privacy. Savvy consumers should always read and fully understand online agreements and privacy disclaimers before “checking the box.” So, asking questions is the right thing to do.

Texas Narcotics Officers Association becoming Very active in its training, education programs

How do you say goodbye to the Department and the people who have accepted, embraced, respected, supported and trusted you for 20 years? 

Union participating in Wheelchair Rugby Smash

The Adaptive Athletics at the University of Houston and the 2014 Wheelchair Rugby Smash Tournament Fundraiser will be held Nov. 15 at the university’s Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.

Fallen Heroes: Officer David Huerta

September 19, 1973

David Huerta was born in Houston on April 11, 1946. He was raised on the near North side of Houston and attended Looscan Elementary School. Graduating from Jeff Davis High School in 1964, he then attended South Texas Junior College in Houston for a year before his two-year service in the United States Army. After returning safely from his tour of duty in Vietnam, Huerta entered Houston Police Cadet Class No. 40 on January 13, 1969, graduating the following May 3. His initial assignment was to the Traffic Enforcement Division. In 1970, he transferred to the Narcotics Division, where he was assigned until May 1973, when he returned to Traffic Enforcement. Our story of murder begins that year.

October 2014 Obituaries

Here are the latest obituaries of HPD family members.

RMS Report: Room for improvement with Field Interview Cards

 The Field Interview Card is an invaluable tool that is beginning to be utilized by our department in a larger and larger capacity.  One of my responsibilities when RMS went live was to monitor the status of the cards as they were completed. 

October Thank You Notes to HPOU

Here are the latest Thank You Notes to HPOU.


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