Badge & Gun: March 2015

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The President's Message: HPD Officers, We have a Contract!

Editorial: Use of in-house counsel by the Union And the City saved countless tax dollars

THE HPOU NEGOTIATED ANOTHER BENEFICIAL CONTRACT for Houston police officers through the use of a time-tested method that inspired determination from both sides to get the job done without emotional conflicts and petty events.

Weiche named Patrol Officer of the Month

HPOU honored Officer C. Weiche of Midwest Patrol as Patrol Officer of the Month at the February general membership meeting.


Robbery Division’s Pineda is Investigator of the Month

Officer Horacio Pineda of the Robbery Division was named Investigator of the Month in the HPOU’s February general membership meeting.

Livestock Show’s 189 Club benefits teen scholarship, Gets its name from the badge number of Jim Irby

As the latest edition of the iconic Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo comes to fore, a dedicated group of bidders whose auction victories help further the education of agriculture-inspired teenagers all over the Texas Gulf Coast is loaded for bear – er – pig!

The Leatherwood sisters – Brenda and Belinda – became the first twins to serve in the HPD

If you were to ask, each of the Leatherwood twins would admit that their lengthy HPD careers as the Department’s first set of twin officers doesn’t quite have the necessary drama to make it to Hollywood.

Juvenile Officer Lloyd Anderson opens ambitious computer-based Apartment coalition designed to better educate low-income families

An HPD officer who founded 713 Ministries has returned to his childhood stomping ground to partner with community crusaders to sponsor a computer lab and organized sports, fine arts and field trips aimed at better educating low-income adults and children.


Pulling the Trigger in Real Life

We should applaud our brother and sister officers of the Missouri City Police Department for taking the time and money to put Quanell X through shoot-don’t-shoot training.

Fallen Heroes: Officer George Edwards

George Dewey Edwards was born near the small East Texas town of Rusk on April 25, 1899. His actual home place was around the community of Sardis, where his parents and other extended families all lived and farmed. George attended school there and when World War I broke out, he served his country honorably in the United States Army. He came home safely after serving eighteen months in France.

Psych Services: HPD names Dr. Stephen Tate head of Psych Services

Dr. Stephen Tate took the reins at Psychological Services following the retirement of Dr. Verdi Lethermon. Our new police administrator is a former minister, the recipient of a doctorate in psychology from Wheaton College Graduate School and a father of five.


March 2015 Obituaries

Here are the latest HPD family obituaries.

Latest Thank You Notes to HPOU

Here are the latest Thank You Notes to the HPOU.


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