Badge & Gun: May 2011

Police Week begins with the Special Awards Ceremony at the Aquarium

The program began at 10 a.m. in the third floor meeting room with the reading of the Police Week proclamation by Mayor Annise Parker. The mayor was a first-hand participant throughout the program.

"The presentation of these awards always draws a big crowd that almost always consists of the families of the honorees," Lumpkin said. "This ceremony is one of HPD's high points of the year and recognizes ‘the finest of Houston's finest" in both the commissioned and civilian sides of the fence."  

According to tradition, there will be other events during Police Week. They include:




For information regarding the Day of Prayer News Conference, contact, Lieutenant Mattie Provost at (713) 308-9064 or Senior Police Officer Barry Curtis at (713) 775-1857

For information regarding the Memorial Service, contact Sergeant Lawrence Jaskolka in the Honor Guard office at (713) 247-5826

For information regarding Academy tours contact Officer James Chapman at (281) 230-2353

For information regarding the Police Week Awards, contact Shelly Molina, Awards Coordinator, at (713) 308-3245.

Here are this year's nominees under their respective categories with the honorees in bold face:


Captain David Gott                                             

Captain Milton Martin                                         

Captain Ceaser Moore



Lieutenant Patricia Cantu

Lieutenant Joseph Levingston                             

Lieutenant Craig Williams


Investigative Supervisor

Sergeant Elias Cisneros                                        

Sergeant Darrell DeFee                                        

Sergeant Frank Quinn


Tactical Officer

Officer Marc Delacerda                                             

Officer Diego Morelli


Senior Police Officer

Officer Roland Benavides

Officer Carl Rodriguez

Officer Carl Sanders


Field Training Officer

Officer Joseph Gamaldi

Officer Timothy Haase

Officer Danny Hicks


Patrol Officer                                                           

Officer Ruben Estrada                                         

Officer Timothy Goemans          (Two Honorees)

Officer Adam Linton                                           

Officer Christopher Solorio



Officer Robert Curl Jr. (posthumously)               

Officer Jose Herrera                                             

Officer Ryan Watson


Technical Support Employee

Sr. ID Officer J'Marcus Adams                          

Officer John Johnson


Reactive Investigator

Officer Eric Carr                                                  

Officer Francis Heenan Jr.                                   

Officer Millard Waters II


Specialized Officer

Sergeant Lawrence Jaskolka

Officer Daniel Schwarzbach

Sergeant Leslie Wills


Undercover Investigator

Officer Bradley Craig                                          

Officer Kimberly Jacobs


Civilian Protective Services Employee

Jail Attendant La Verne Bostic Jr.

Jail Attendant Dorothea Ford

Sr. Police Telecommunicator Tonica Weathers


Civilian Manager

Division Manager Sheryal Armstrong

Police Administrator Sheila Duncan

Comm. Technical Supervisor Donald Gould


Civilian Supervisor                                            

Sr. Community Liaison Courtney Fontenot

Office Supervisor Carolyn Hoskin

Office Supervisor Andrea Reyes


Patrol Supervisor

Sergeant Kenneth Bounds

Sergeant Teresa Curry

Sergeant Patrick Plourde


Admin Classified Employee

Sergeant Michael Muench                                         

Sergeant Louis Oviedo

Officer James Sobota


Civilian Administrative/Para Professional

Sr. Office Assistant Joanne Mullins

Data Entry Operator Cher Sooy

Admin. Aide Belinda Torres


CIT Officer

Officer Robert Belknap

Officer Alfonso Escobedo Jr.

Officer Adrian Lopez


Lifetime Achievement Award                           

Sergeant James Doss

Captain Craig Goralski

Mgt. Analyst IV Jamal Khalil

Officer Gregory Sokoloski

Deputy Director Craig Ferrell (Legal Division)



Officer Joseph Degidio

Sergeant Brian Harris

Sergeant David Houston


Civilian Technical Employee

Web Production Asst. Johnny Garza

Sr. Comm. Specialist Marcelino Juarez

Inspector Donna Lambert


Proactive Investigator

Officer Todd Janke

Officer Steven Rowan


Civilian Skilled Service Employee

Sr. Aircraft Mechanic Steven Childress

Truck Driver Albert Orosco


Civilian Professional Employee

Admin. Specialist Yolanda Castillo

Admin. Specialist Rhonda Holmes-Conner

Admin. Specialist Araceli Molina