Education Department

The Education Committee was established with the following goals in mind:

The information contained on this page provides current information relating to the educational benefits that the Meet & Confer contract affords. We are also providing Links to colleges and universities that meet the accreditation requirements and procedures for reimbursements from the City of Houston.

"Working for you and your family"

Mary Young, Chairman
Education Committee

Education Programs

Scholarship Program

Midwestern State University

Law Enforcement Academic Outreach Initiative

Liberty University

Long Island University

Northcentral University

Marist College

Prarie View A&M Criminal Justice

Sam Houston State University

University of Charleston (West Virginia)

University of Houston Clear Lake Masters in Criminology

University of Houston Downtown

University of Houston, Main - Masters in Sociology

Houston Community College Program

The links to the Universities that are listed here are not blanket endorsements of these institutions, just institutions that are known to fit the requirements for the Houston Police Department¹s requirements for reimbursement.