Zensey/Health Assessment Update

Houston Police Officers will NOT have to enter their health assessment numbers into the Zensey website.  |  Read more.

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Join HPOU and Texas Police Trust Saturday, October 18th for our 3rd annual family picnic.  |  Read more.

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Health Assessment Update
Annual Family Picnic
Badge & Gun


President's Message: Badge & Gun goes Public; City changes Health Assessment Plan

The City of Houston Human Resources Division heard the loud voices of many of you at our September meeting and made changes as a result. 

Effective Sept. 22, HR and Cigna discontinued the use of Zensey for the health assessment and have reverted back to last year’s procedure.  Employees may access the health assessment on mycigna.com. 

To qualify for the discount on your 2015 health plan contribution, you must complete the online health assessment by Nov. 14. You will still need to earn 500 or more wellness points as in the past, but you are not even eligible to qualify if the health assessment is not complete by Nov. 14.